La nostra història


First of all, thank you so much for wanting to know more about us and Matcha Jeans :)

We all like to dress comfortably, we wish we could always just wear sweats, right? And even more now after spending months at home never taking off our pajamas due to this pandemic that has impacted our lives so much. Now that we've returned (kind of) to normal, we've had to sacrifice our comfort when getting dressed to leave the house. When putting on jeans to go to work or to go out to dinner, we hate that uncomfy feeling that they're suffocating us. 

That's why, in mid-2021 we decided to create the jeans that we all deserve: ones that suit our active lifestyles so that we can carry out our day-to-day activities without being uncomfortable and ones that fit each and every body to feel like a second skin. 

Thus, Matcha Jeans has the goal of revolutionizing the denim industry, adapting one of the most iconic garments in history to a more current lifestyle. To achieve this, we are guided by our values of sustainable production and responsible consumption.  



the beginnings

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Laura and Lali, two girls from Barcelona, good friends and ex-colleagues from school and work, who at the age of 28 decided to start a business to solve an annoying problem of ours. 

And seriously, who hasn't ever gone shopping and left empty-handed after trying on dozens of jeans? That's it. We have a hard time finding comfy jeans that actually fit us well and, above all, make us feel confident; jeans that perfectly fit our bodies and active lifestyles (and especially highlight our curves ;)). 

When we decided to start this project, we started from scratch completely but we really wanted to learn the process and create something beautiful. We began searching online, calling manufacturers, suppliers, designers, etc. and we've met such amazing people along the way. With their help, Matcha Jeans was created. Thank you all for trusting us and believing in this project, we couldn't be more appreciative.


Why "Matcha"

And you may be wondering… Why “Matcha” Jeans? Isn't Matcha a type of green tea? 

Yes, you're absolutely right. Matcha is a tea, but we haven't chosen it because of that. Let us explain it to you, there are a few reasons :)

The first is that the English verb “match” means “to fit, to coincide” and it serves us perfectly to explain that we create the perfect “match*” between each body and pair of jeans. 

*Kind of sounds like a Tinder for jeans ;)

Besides that, the benefits of matcha tea (vitality, energy, equilibrium, balance...) express the same values that we want to transmit and instill in our audience.

And as if that wasn't enough, it's a great play on words when it comes to communicating with you all. What do you think? You can give us your opinion on our platforms :)


Thank you so MATCHA ;)