We’re Lali and Laura, two girls from Barcelona, eager to change things. 

We’ve had a hard time finding comfortable jeans that fit us well and, above all, made us feel good. That's why, in mid-2021, we decided to create the jeans that we all deserve: jeans that fit our bodies and our active lifestyles perfectly (and that highlight our curves ;)).

In short, our mission is to revolutionise the denim sector, putting a twist on one of the most iconic wardrobe staples by adapting it to an active lifestyle. How do we do it?

1. We work with stretchy fabrics that are high quality and long-lasting and that make our jeans super comfortable.

2. Moreover, we have created a well designed and well thought out pattern to achieve the perfect effect and shape.

Our philosophy

Local production

From the beginning it was clear to us that this was going to be done in a responsible way.

Our factories are located in Spain. We believe in slow-fashion and we work with quality fabrics, low orders and pre-sales to reduce surplus and be more flexible.


We believe it’s important that you know how we think and what is behind our project. This also means that if we make a mistake, we take it on board quickly so that we can provide the best solution.


We want you to feel close to us, we listen to everything you want to tell us and give you a quick response.

Constant improvement

But… all this makes no sense without having an excellent product. That’s why we ask for lots of feedback, to improve it with love and produce the best version.

Why "Matcha"?

You may be asking yourself, isn't Matcha a type of green tea? True, but that's not the only reason we chose this word for our brand.

There are several reasons: the first is that “to match” means "to fit, to coincide" and so it works perfectly to explain how we create the perfect match between every body and every pair of jeans.

Secondly, the benefits of matcha tea (vitality, energy, balance, equilibrium...) express the same values we want to convey.

And if that wasn't enough, it's something trendy and cool that gives us the opportunity to play on words when it comes to communicating with you. Do you like it? You can give us your opinion on our socials. Thank you so MATCHA ;)